Cruising & Reciprocals in 2022

Scheduled Cruise's Notice

Port of Whitby on July 30

Trenton on September 3

Monthly “Cruise and Dine” days

Weather permitting, we will sail to Peter Rock and back at 14:00 and then convene for dinner at the club.

June 18

July 16

August 13

September 17.

CYC Reciprocal Program

To All Visiting Yacht Club Cruisers:

The Cobourg Yacht Club does not own docks in the Cobourg Marina and, in the past, has been able to offer limited reciprocal privileges only with the support of the Town of Cobourg.  The Town did not support a proposal made this spring to provide a reciprocal space.  As a small club we cannot sustain the financial implications of offering even one slip for visitors from other clubs and we are forced to announce that no reciprocal privileges will be available for the 2022 sailing season.

We sincerely regret this very unfortunate development, understand the implications for our own cruisers and will continue to work towards renewing reciprocals in the coming seasons.

On a more positive note, we are pleased to announce a major revamping of our food services in a new partnership with Arthur’s Pub, a popular food venue in Cobourg.  We invite you to join us in our club to enjoy an extended pub menu of food professionally prepared and served by Arthur’s staff.  Details are provided on our website. (Coming Soon)

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