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Cobourg Marina Boaters Submission


To the Parks and Recreation Committee, Oct 22, 2015 and the Public Budget Consultation Meeting – Nov 2, 2015

Cobourg Marina Boater-Submission to Parks and Recreation


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Cobourg Yacht Club’s Submission on Cobourg Marina Development

April 21, 2015

Cobourg Yacht Club (CYC) was asked to submit comments at a stakeholder meeting held in Council Chambers at Victoria Hall. Along with other stakeholders, CYC representative, Rob MacLeod, presented the club’s position on a recommendation to update and approve shoreside facilities and expand slip availability in the marina.

CYC’s position is that CYC:

◾Supports well documented, properly planned and executed marina expansion

◾Does not support the slip layout presented in this proposal

◾Has 7 recommendations to improve the current operation of the marina and future viability of Cobourg Harbour

To say the rhetoric leading up to the actual meeting was divisive in the community would be a bold understatement. There seems to be three major areas of misunderstanding. The following is intended to correct those areas.

1. Cobourg Harbour and Marina belong to the town and are fully funded by boaters’ fees. No Cobourg tax dollars are used to operate or maintain the marina and harbour facilities – water and land

2. Cobourg Yacht Club (CYC) and Cobourg Marina (Town) are two separate and distinct organizations. CYC is a not-for-profit organization that neither owns nor controls any of the slips in the marina. CYC members who own boats pay fees to the marina for the use of a boat slip, power and amenities such as the boater-funded marina office, washroom and laundry – of which the public takes full advantage

3. Members of CYC built the clubhouse with no financial input from Cobourg tax payers and as part of the agreement when the town took over the harbour from the federal government, donated the building to the town and lease it back for a nominal fee. CYC pays 100% of the maintenance on both buildings and pays property tax to the town for both the centreboard compound and the current club house. CYC pays no fee to the marina for these properties

Cobourg Yacht Club is celebrating our 50th anniversary this year. CYC has been here since the beginning of Cobourg Harbour as a recreational boating harbour. We will be here and supportive of the Cobourg Marina for decades to come.

We recommend this history of Cobourg Harbour as an excellent place to start your better understanding of Cobourg’s Southern Gateway. Below is the final draft of CYC’s submission to the Stakeholder Meeting held April 21 in Council Chambers at Victoria Hall.


20150427-Final CYC-Marina Stakeholder Meeting


If members of the press or public have any questions about CYC, it’s 50-year history, membership or relationship with the Cobourg Marina, please send a note to We will get back to you.

On behalf of the Executive and Members of the Cobourg Yacht Club – Fair Winds

28 April 2015 

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