2019 Adult: Learn to Sail Keelboat

2019 Programs

Introduction to Sailing — 3 hours on the water with a SAILCanada certified instructor (by Appointment only)

Basic Cruise (Learn to Sail Keelboat) — learn to skipper and crew a fixed keel sailboat under power and sail through 18 hours on the water plus access to online ashore knowledge modules

Basic Coastal Navigation — This introductory course offers basic knowledge of navigational theory. The curriculum covers the role of the navigator, introduces the publications, navigation aids and tools and techniques to support planning and safe passage making.  Delivered online with the support of LearnToCruiseOnline.ca

Restricted Operator Certification (Marine) — Marine (ROC-M) - A convenient Online course offered through LearnToCruiseOnline.ca. Exam fee discount for CYC members.   

SAILCanada Standards - These are the standards that Learn to Sail uses to create your learning experience.

CYC Instructors - Our instructors are certified by SAILCanada - the nation's learn to sail authority

Online Navigation and Cruising Courses

LearnToCruiseOnline.ca offers affordable online Basic and Intermediate Coastal Navigation modules leading to Sail Canada certification, as well as online Sail Canada Ashore Knowledge modules, a VHF Radio course, and other free resources of interest to recreational boaters.  CYC member Rob McLean is a co-founder of LearnToCruiseOnline.  After selecting your course, contact Rob McLean for details at: rmclean@matrixlinks.ca 

Other Boating Courses

Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons (http://www.cps-ecp.ca) offer a variety of classroom and online boating courses.

Introduction to Sailing

If you just want to experience what it is like to handle a sailboat, Introduction to Sailing is intended to introduce novice boaters to safe practices in preparing to leave the dock, while underway, and returning to the dock. This course is 3 hours with a Learn to Sail Instructor.

Maximum Class Size — $180.00 for up to 4 people 

Learning Boat — Sail: Mirage 24 Sailboat

By Appointment Only - Contact:  sailingschool@cobourgyachtclub.ca 

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Basic Cruising (Learn to Sail Keelboat) – Skipper and Crew

Basic Cruising is intended to develop individuals to be able to sail safely in familiar waters as both skipper and crew of a sloop-rigged Keelboat of 6 to 10 meters with an outboard or inboard motor in moderate wind and sea conditions by day.

This course is 18 hours on the water with a Learn to Sail Instructor plus access to 4 online ashore knowledge sessions, a practice exam, and a final 3-hour examination session for the SAILCanada Basic Cruising Examination and the Transport Canada  Pleasure Craft Operators Card (PCOC). In addition to the the online learning modules, the course includes the official Sail Canada Basic Cruising Skills text book.

All Learn to Sail Keelboat students automatically receive all the benefits of a social membership (known as an Associate member) until the end of the calendar year to enjoy the many club facilities and events.

In addition, on successful completion of Basic Cruising, you will be able to participate in the Club's Boat Sharing program that provides for 3-hour experience-building sailing sessions. This is a great way to continue enjoying being on the water for the balance of the 2018 sailing season at a modest cost. (Note: Use of the boat is limited to CYC members with a minimum of the Sail Canada Basic Cruising Standard.)

As you can see, the sessions are starting to fill up.  Register early to reserve the space(s) you want!

On-water Sessions:

Weeknights (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30-8:30)

May 10 - May 29  SOLD OUT

Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays, 9-12 and 1-4)

May 12/13 - May 19/20  SOLD OUT
July 7/8 - July 14/15 SOLD OUT
July 21/22 - July 28/29 1 place available

Weekdays (4 days 9-12 and 1-4)

June 11 - June 14 SOLD OUT
July 16 - July 19

Maximum Class Size — 4 (Minimum Class is 2)

Learning Boat — Mirage 24 Sailboat 

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Basic Coastal Navigation - Sail and Power

This introductory course offers basic knowledge of navigational theory. The curriculum covers the role of the navigator, introduces the publications, 
navigation aids and tools and techniques to support planning and safe passage making. The student is exposed to basic plotting and position determination methods. This course covers information key to the effective use of electronics.

Sessions complement material introduced in the Sail Canada Basic Cruising (Learn to Sail Keelboat) standard. The concepts and skills covered are applied in the Intermediate Cruising standard. 



To be able to safely navigate by day in local waters.


PCOC Recommended

For Online Course Information

Click here:   Basic Coastal Navigation Online

Course Fee: $150.00 plus HST.  Includes: Student notes and exercises, access to a comprehensive set of online instructional screencasts, a practice exam, and the official Sail Canada Basic Coastal Navigation exam


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Marine Radio Restricted Operator's Certificate (ROC-M)

(VHF Radio License) 

The VHF radio is your lifeline in an emergency or distress situation and certain protocol must be followed. In Canada, anyone who uses a VHF radio is required by law to be certified in order to use a VHF or other marine radio transmitter.

VHF radio operators must follow the procedures described in the VHF Radiotelephone Practices and Procedures Regulations. Currently, all Marine VHF radio operators are required to have a Restricted Operator's Certificate (ROC-M) with maritime qualifications issued by an accredited agency under the authority of Industry Canada - Spectrum Management, a department of the Government of Canada.


To obtain a Restricted Operator Certificate (Maritime) one must successfully complete a Restricted Operator's Certificate Maritime ROC(M) course including the new Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS), Digital Selective Calling (DSC) Endorsement with the Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) System. Successful completion of this course certifies you for Restricted Operator Certificate (Maritime).


To be able to communicate effectively via VHF radio including use of the Digital Selective Calling (DSC) feature.



For Online Course Information

Click here:   Learn to Cruise Online - ROC (M)

Course Fees: 

Full course $75.00 plus HST plus Exam Fee (CYC members - Exam fee waived if exam written as a group at a mutually convenient date).

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Sail Canada Standards

Introduction to Boating - Sail Standard (pdf) 

Basic Cruise (Daytime) Standard (pdf)

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