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Senior Member:

Is a member who has unqualified Membership privileges subject to the restrictions imposed by the regulations of this Club. A Senior Member shall be eligible to maintain boats on Club property subject to regulations passed by the Directors and subject to Section 11 of the bylaws.

Any person who a) owns a boat or b) owns the majority interest in a boat (51%) or c) owns a joint/equal share of a boat normally maintained within a ten (10) mile radius of the Club must be Senior Member, provided that there shall be a minimum of one Senior Membership per boat.

Senior Membership includes current spouse and all children up to the age of eighteen (18) or who are full time students beyond that to the age of twenty-five (25). It is understood that the current spouse (including a common-law relationship of one year or more) of a Senior Member, has full voting privileges.

A senior member may keep a boat in the centreboard compound subject to space. Senior members who are actively participating in the centreboard program will be prioritized. 

Please Note:

  1. Any person between the age of eighteen (18) and thirty-five (35) inclusive, who own a boat that is registered with a slip in the Cobourg Marina,  and who do not keep a boat in the centreboard compound, are eligible for an Intermediate Membership.
  2. Please Note: Jointly-owned boats shall have a minimum of one Senior Membership and one Associate Membership - see Senior Membership and Associate/Crew Membership for more information.

Associate/Crew Member:

A member who shall be entitled to participate in all the membership privileges with the exception of voting at any club meetings or maintaining a boat within a ten mile radius of the Club unless he/she is an equal or minority share owner in a boat, the major or other equal owner of which boat is a Senior Member. Persons having a minority or equal interest in a boat with a Senior Member must be an Associate Member.

Junior Member:

Any person under the age of eighteen (18), who is interested in the objectives of the Club, may make application for Junior Membership. Each application submitted must be endorsed by the applicant’s parents or legal guardian who must also agree to accept financial responsibility. Juniors, whose parents are Senior Members, are excluded from fees.

Intermediate Member:

Any person between the age of eighteen (18) and thirty-five (35) inclusive, who owns a boat that is registered with a slip in the Cobourg Marina, may be an Intermediate Member and shall be entitled to the same Club privileges, including voting rights as a Senior Member - see the Senior Member level for more information. 

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